In winter, you can drive through the village of Marciac unaware of the preparations underway in this little corner of southwest France. The festival is once again getting ready to don its "*suit of lights" and write another chapter of this ephemeral yet all-encompassing summer event. This fleeting phenomenon -with its permanent echo in the annual L’Astrada programme- bears a name that portrays the coming of a major musical genre to its adopted land : “Jazz in Marciac”. The decision to embrace jazz defines Marciac in the existential sense evoked by French philosopher Sartre. The village is happy to lead its double life. It has made its choice freely : Marciac has chosen jazz. Or perhaps is it the contrary ? Jazz is too simplistic a word to convey its multifaceted reality : the 40th edition of Jazz in Marciac consecrates stars, anoints newcomers, explores uncharted territories. The marquee, large enough to pack in 6,000 worshipers, will take on all the trappings of a place of worship this summer. 

Chazz Belmonte

* traditional clothing that bullfighters wear in the bullring.

28 July to 15 August 2017